Wanted for Murder…AGAIN. Krasner releases convicted murderer who is now wanted AGAIN!

Larry Krasner’s office has announced new murder charges for violent repeat offender Jamir Harris who is now accused of murdering 50-year-old Charles Gossett on 09/05/2022 on the 1700 block of N 56th Street. The victim, Charles Gossett was shot in the back of the head and pronounced deceased at 2:14am.

But Jamir Harris was just recently in custody for a 2013 murder that he was convicted of. Larry Krasner’s Conviction Integrity Unity decided to review the case and opted to petition the court for his release after independently determining that Harris was “likely innocent” of the 2013 murder. A commonwealth Judge did agree, and Harris was released and his conviction was overturned. Krasner’s office claims that there was evidence in 2013 to suggest that Harris “was not the shooter”. But now, here in 2022, Larry’s office is charging Harris with murder, for allegedly being the driver of the vehicle that had two shooters. Does anyone else see the contradiction?

The logic to petition the court in 2013 for his release is the same logic they are using in 2022 to charge him with a different murder. In both cases, Krasner’s office claims that Harris was there for both murders, and participated in the conspiracy, but was not the trigger man. The people of Philadelphia just do not know what to believe when it comes to Larry Krasner’s district attorney’s office.

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