Wanted for Murder…AGAIN. Krasner releases convicted murderer who is now wanted AGAIN!

Another strange and tragic prosecution story out of Larry Krasner's District Attorney's Office.

PA House of Representatives Forms “Restoring Law and Order” Committee To Seek Krasner Impeachment

Pennsylvania State Representatives Martina White (R-Philadelphia) and Josh Kail (R-Beaver/Washington) announced yesterday the official formation of…

Man Fires 15 Times Into Philly Bar Killing 1 Innocent Bystander

Late last night a man fired his gun 15 times into a Philly bar that ended…

Man Shot And Killed Today In North Philadelphia

Man Shot multiple times throughout his body and killed.

Crime in Philadelphia Is Up 25% So Far in 2022

Crime in Philadelphia is still increasing a staggering 25%

Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Charges Malcom White with 4 Aggravated Assaults and 1 Rape

Over 1 week after the alleged aggravated assaults occurred, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has filed…

Philadelphia Crime Victims Hold Press Conference In Harrisburg To Support Krasner Impeachment

Crime victims and legislators held a rally today to speak out against Philly DA Larry Krasner.

Philadelphia Crime Victims Asked To Speak Out Against DA Larry Krasner

Philadelphia Crime Victims Asked To Speak Out Against DA Larry Krasner​

Malcom White, Offender Who Beat At least 5 Women In The Philly Area Has Bail Denied

Montco judge calls violent repeat offender Malcom White “a danger to the community”.

PHILADELPHIA: A war on our youth

The City of Philadelphia is failing our youth and it will effect the city for generations…