SEPTA Bus Serial Killer? Philly Man Arrested for 3 Murders In 10 Days


The Philadelphia Police Department today announced the arrest of 21-year-old Derrick Jones for the murders of 3 men over a 10 day period. CBS3 Philly has reported that sources within the police department told them that the murders were “random” and that all three victims were shot and killed shortly after exiting a SEPTA bus.

It is unclear at this time if Derrick Jones knew his victims and targeted them specifically, or if the reports of these killings being “random” are true. But either way, according to the official FBI definition, Derrick Jones is a bonafide serial killer. Police sources also say that Derrick Jones is being investigated in connection to other violent crimes so the total number of victims could rise in the coming days.

Derrick Jones also has a felony criminal history. In 2019 he had two separate arrests, 1 for illegally possessing a firearm, and a second for receiving stolen property. Jones was sentenced to confinement after a negotiated guilty plea but was eventually released on probation/parole. Jones did not follow the conditions of his release and according to court documents, his probation was violated and a warrant for his arrest was issued on 11/19/2020. He has been on the run ever since and was out in the public freely able to commit those three murders.

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