Philly’s Most Wanted Fugitives: Tong “Tony” Wu will starting highlighting some of Philly’s Most Wanted Fugitives in an effort to help bring back attention to cases that have gone cold.

The first case we are going to cover is the murder of 21 year-old Tirus Kitchen in 2018. The murder occurred at 10th and Appletree Streets inside what authorities are calling an illegal boarding home. It’s unclear what sparked the fight, but Kitchen’s girlfriend said Wu started to fight with her boyfriend in their bedroom. That’s when things turned deadly. Police say that Wu was armed with what they describe as a “12-inch sword”. During the course of the fight, Wu fatally stabbed Tirus Kitchen to death. Kitchens girlfriend, Kamisha White says she witnessed the entire incident and she watched her boyfriend die in her arms before emergency personnel could arrive.

This case is over 4 years old now and Philadelphia Police have still not been able to track Tong Wu down. Tong Wu is described by police as “between 5’8 and 5’11 and is between 200-230 pounds. His last known address is on the 1000 block of Arch Street. He is known to frequent the areas of Chinatown and the Reading Terminal Market.”

Tong is listed on under police incident number: 20180023

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