Philippine Citizen Critically Shot In Philadelphia Random Shooting

Advertisements is reporting that a Philippine citizen was critically shot in Philadelphia in a shooting incident that the victims family is calling “random”. received multiple leads this morning regarding the shooting that occurred sometime on Saturday June 18th while the victim was on the way to the airport with his mother to return to the Philippines. The family identified the victim as John Laylo, a successful legislative attorney in the United States and the Philippines. The family says that an unknown gunman opened fire on car with Laylo and his mother on their trip to the Philadelphia Airport. Laylo was shot in the head, his mother was injured by shattered glass. Laylo’s condition was so critical that it was initially reported that he was deceased. But his sister tells that Laylo is alive and still has brain functions. He was even able to squeeze his mothers hand this morning.

Elmer Cato, the Consul General of the Republic of the Philippines in New York also confirmed this story on twitter. Cato says that John Laylo remains on life support in Philadelphia in what he also calls a “random shooting”. is in contact with the family and we are working on more details. Please stay tuned.


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