Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Charges Malcom White with 4 Aggravated Assaults and 1 Rape


Over 1 week after the alleged aggravated assaults occurred, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has filed a slew of charges against Malcom White. White is the man accused of assaulting, and in one case raping, at least 6 women in the Philadelphia area starting on 06/15/2022. The first assaults occurred on 06/15/2022 at about 11:13pm , according to the below Ring Doorbell video that has now gone viral. The DA’s office charged White with felony aggravated assault and related charges for all 3 female victims involved. There was also another assault on the same date, the location unknown at this time, where White is also charged with aggravated assault.

The next assault that White allegedly committed was an assault and a forcible rape on 06/16/2022. White has 13 charges in this case including Forcible Rape, Robbery that inflicted serious bodily injury, aggravated assault with extreme difference, and sexual assault. Police have said that this rape occurred somewhere on Ridge Ave but more details for this crime are not available.


It’s now clear that Malcom White was on a viscous and extremely violent crime spree targeting women. Malcom was not finally apprehended until he was arrested in Blue Bell, Montgomery County for yet another violent assault against a woman. White was arrested by Whitpain Township Police after severely beating a woman in a parking lot. It’s been reported that police found White hiding in bushes near the scene of the crime. The charges for Montgomery county are below.

White was initially held in Montgomery County without bail but according to these court records, bail was reduced on 06/21/2022 to $150,000. White has a similar bail in Philadelphia of $1,000,000 at 10%

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