Philadelphia Crime Victims Hold Press Conference In Harrisburg To Support Krasner Impeachment

A group of crime victims and their families traveled to Harrisburg today to hold a press conference in support of the impeachment of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner. The rally was lead by PA House Rep. Martina White, who represents Northeast Philadelphia’s 170th legislative district. Rep. White stood at a podium with a sign that read “Keep communities safe. Enforce our laws.” The press conference featured multiple crime victims who shared their stories of how a loved one was killed as a results of the district attorney office’s failures.

Photo Credit: Stephen Miskin

A man named Julio first took the podium and told the story of his mother, who was killed by a violent repeat domestic abuser in 2020. Julio said that his mother had an active Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) that was violated multiple times by the man that eventually killed his mother. Julio explained that he believes his mother’s killer should never have been on the street to commit this murder if Larry Krasner’s office had properly enforced the PFA violations.


Next, John Toomey approached the stand to talk about his 15-year-old son Sean Toomey who was killed in March of this year on the streets of Philadelphia. John Toomey blamed lawlessness and a lack of accountability in Philadelphia that contributed to the murder of his son. He stood in front of the camera holding a poster that featured a picture of his son. Today would have been Sean’s 16th birthday.

The last victim to speak was city worker Nakisha Billa whose son Dominic was killed in 2021 at the Philadelphia Mills Mall in Northeast Philadelphia. She says that Dominic was at the mall to buy a new pair of pants for a job interview with the Steam Fitters Union when a fight broke out. That’s when offender Gregory Smith opened fire, fatally striking Dominic in the chest. Nakisha Billa also talked about lawlessness and the lack of accountability in Philadelphia by saying, “The lawlessness that is going on in Philadelphia is beyond control.” Billa goes on to say, “At what point do we hold those responsible to accountability? How many sons and daughters do we have to lose?”

Before the conference concluded, 3 PA House GOP representatives, who are drafting the articles of impeachment for Larry Krasner, encouraged crime victims in Philadelphia to visit to share their stories with legislators.

As the rally adjourned, crime victims in attendance at the Capitol Building could be heard chanting “Impeach Krasner!”

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