Philadelphia Crime in 2022 By The Numbers

The Philadelphia Police Department recently released the year-end 2022 crime statistics report on The results were horrifying, but really should be no surprise to anyone. The top stories for most media publications in 2022 was crime, and for good reason. Philadelphia ended 2022 with 4,041 shooting incidents and 2,253 shooting victims. Philadelphia ended 2022 with about 516 homicides according to the Philadelphia Police.

I say “about” because Sgt. Mark Fusetti revealed that his law enforcement sources claim there could be over 100 more murders that have not yet been classified as homicides, so those murders are not added to the public running count.

Philadelphia Police report a 24% increase in “Part-One Offenses” that includes violent crime and certain property crimes. Retail thefts are simply out of control, up 52% for a total of 14,255 thefts from commercial retail stores. Philadelphia broke yet another record for stolen vehicles totaling 14,533 stolen cars. Another more serious record that was broken was gunpoint robberies. Gunpoint robberies ended 2022 with a 20% increase over last years record to total 2,910. An additional 2,807 robberies were committed strong arm or with another type of weapon.

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