PA House of Representatives Forms “Restoring Law and Order” Committee To Seek Krasner Impeachment

Pennsylvania State Representatives Martina White (R-Philadelphia) and Josh Kail (R-Beaver/Washington) announced yesterday the official formation of the “Restoring Law and Order” House select committee that aims to impeach Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner for “inaction and dereliction of duty”.


Rep. Martina White says that Larry Krasner’s “prosecutorial negligence” is negatively impacting the people of Philadelphia and the surrounding counties because Krasner “refuses to fully prosecute crime”. Rep White goes on to say “The city is in crisis and the crime is leeching into the suburbs and throughout the state.”

Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler selected the committees 5 members comprising of 3 Republicans and 2 Democrats. According to the press release the members of the committee are “They include Reps. John Lawrence (R-Chester), Wendi Thomas (R-Bucks), Torren Ecker (R-Adams), Amen Brown (D-Philadelphia) and Danilo Burgos (D-Philadelphia). Lawrence will chair the committee.”


What’s important about this committee is that it has full subpoena power. Although we do not know who they will subpoena to testify, it’s possible Larry Krasner is forced to testify under oath before the committee. After the committee completes its investigation, it will make recommendations to the full house of representatives which could include full impeachment and removal from office for Larry Krasner. If this happens, the committee with draft official articles of impeachment for a House vote. If the vote passes the House, the PA Senate will hold a trial. We’ve reached out to Martina White’s office to see if the committee is expected to subpoena Larry Krasner himself. Stay tuned at as we continue to cover this story.

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