NEW: Philadelphia Updates Murder Count After Extremely Violent Weekend

The Philadelphia Police have updated their homicide numbers on after a weekend that saw numerous shootings and homicides. There were 4 killings just last night. Check out the graphic below.

Updated 07/13/22

The city is now just two percent behind last year at this time. Our city law enforcement sources believe the number will surpass last years historic record of 562 homicides because the number of shootings and shooting victims continue to rise to historic levels.

Our sources tell us that it’s important to look at the overall amount of shooting incidents to better gauge the amount of violence in the city because police, ems, fire, and hospital personnel are doing such an excellent job saving shooting victims who are severely injured. So far this year, there have been 2233 total shooting incidents in the city. That’s a rate of 13 shootings per day in the city. That is paced out to be 4,711 shootings. The city does not want people to realize how bad this is and they still do not have any solid plans for reducing shootings.

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