NEW: Philadelphia Police Update Homicide And Crime Statistics

The Philadelphia Police have updated their weekly homicide and crime statistics and Philadelphia has officially reached 300 homicides so far this year. This is just a 1% decrease from this time last year. In additional to the homicide count, police also posted the weekly crime stats.

Crime continues to rise to levels that were simply unfathomable just a few years ago. For example, Gunpoint robberies are up 63%. This is an absolutely unprecedented increase. Just last week, Philadelphia police logged 63 gunpoint robberies and 78 robberies using other weapons. That is 20 robberies per day!


Last week Philadelphia experienced 65 shooting incidents, close to 10 per day. This is actually a fairly uncommon week because the daily average is sitting around 12 shootings per day. Auto thefts continue to be another huge issue. So far this year in Philadelphia there have been 6408 stolen vehicles.

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