New Exclusive Shocking Footage: Philadelphia Heroin Epidemic

We obtained new exclusive original footage of the Philadelphia Heroin crisis in Philadelphia. While covering other shootings in the area, we decided to get some footage of the scene on Kensington Avenue for our readers to get a small look into the current situation in Philadelphia. Take a look at just a minute of footage as we drove down the street. You’ll see hundreds of people clearly intoxicated on heroin who are just living on the streets. The trash in the area is too much for the city to deal with.

The situation in Kensington has gotten so out of control that we captured people clearly preparing needles of heroin in public. The city of Philadelphia claims they have programs in place to help these addicts but we didn’t observe anything but drug use and drug sales in this neighborhood. It seems that no one is addressing the crime and lawlessness in Philadelphia.

While we were in the neighborhood, things got dangerous. Two shootings occurred just a few blocks away. Thankfully no one was injured, but its always a little unnerving when people are in the area opening fire. You can check out those crime alerts on our twitter @PhillyCrimeUpd

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