Malcom White, Offender Who Beat At least 5 Women In The Philly Area Has Bail Denied

Malcom White, the violent repeat offender who may have viciously beaten as many as 5 women in the Philadelphia area over a 3 day period has been held without bail in a Montgomery county court.

Magisterial Judge Suzan Leonard arraigned the alleged offender Malcom White and denied his bail citing the reason why as “Danger to the community”. White was arrested in Whitpain Township after police say White randomly attacked a woman in Blue Bell causing serious injuries and hospitalization. Thankfully, police were able to apprehend White shortly after this assault as he was hiding is some bushes.

This was the final assault in as many as 4 that White allegedly committed in about a 3 day span. White is also alleged by the Philadelphia Police to have committed an assault on 3 women in South Philadelphia that was caught on Ring Doorbell camera that has since gone viral. A second assault was committed by White, also in South Philly on the same night. Philadelphia Police also believe that White is also responsible for an assault and rape of a women on Ridge Ave in Philadelphia.

These assaults are not Malcom Whites first attacks on women. White was recently incarcerated in New York for assaults and even assaulted female corrections officers while in prison. For reasons unknown to us, White was released on parole 6 months ago.

Charges for White in Philadelphia have not been released but he has been charged with 4 felony offenses and 3 misdemeanor offenses in Montgomery county. Thankfully this violent repeat offender will not be released on bail.

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