Gunpoint Robberies And Shootings Continue To Soar In Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Police Department released their weekly crime statistics earlier this week and it continues to show a shocking trend as gunpoint robberies and shootings continue to soar in the city of brotherly love. According to PPD statistics, there have been 2,900 robberies so far this year. 1,474 of those robberies were committed using a gun. This is an absolutely staggering 63% increase over this time last year, which was the worst year on record.


What’s even more concerning is that the gun violence crisis in Philadelphia is showing no signs of slowing down, despite the city allocating millions of dollars to grass roots community based violence prevention groups. There have been 2,106 shooting incidents in Philly, a 6% increase over last year. There has been 1,168 shooting victims, another 6% increase over last year.


Businesses and properties continue to be victimized at record rates as well. According to the statistics above, retail thefts are up 43% and commercial burglaries are up a shocking 53%. Businesses in Philly are struggling enough with trying to recover from pandemic shut downs and looting, now they have to price in record numbers of thefts and burglaries.


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