UPDATE: Philadelphia Judge Throws Out Murder Charge For Woman Accused Of Killing Two PA State Troopers


Philadelphia District Judge Karen Simmons has dismissed 3rd degree murder chargers for Jayana Webb who is accused of killing two PA State Troopers in March. Webb allegedly fatally struck Trooper Martin Mack and Trooper Branden Sisca on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia. Police say Webb was initially pulled over by the Troopers but they decided to leave the car-stop to respond to a man who was running in the middle of the highway. As the Troopers were trying to recuse the man, Jayana Webb ran all three over with her vehicle. Webb was unharmed but all three persons she struck were killed at the scene. It was later determined that Webb was under the influence of alcohol. Jayana Webb tweeted earlier in the year, just months before the incident, “If you ask me, I’m the best drunk driver ever”.

Jayana Webb Boasts About Driving Drunk

Webb was arrested at the scene and was initially charged with two counts of 3rd degree murder, a first degree felony that can carry a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. With the murder charged dismissed, Webb still faces Homicide by vehicle and Manslaughter of a law enforcement officer, which are second degree felonies and only punishable of a maximum of 7 years. Jayana Webb took the lives of three people while driving drunk and could potentially only serve 7 years if convicted of the remaining charges. The list of the other related misdemeanor charges are below.

The Philadelphia District Attorneys Office says they will re-file the 3rd Degree Murder Charges against Jayana Webb.


One thought on “UPDATE: Philadelphia Judge Throws Out Murder Charge For Woman Accused Of Killing Two PA State Troopers

  1. Dont forget 7 years behind bars equals = 3.5 years behind bars for murdering three men.
    I went threw this with my best friends wife back in 2013. He was killed by a drunk Mexican riding his motorcycle. The drunk hit him and left him laying in the roadway as he sped away into the next state. He only recieved 8 years in prison for killing a man and fleeing to another state to avoid arrest. He was out in 4 years on perole/probation. After 3 years of perole he was scott free for killing a man and leaving two children and a wife without a father and husband.

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