Details: Philadelphia Police Chase Stolen School Bus

Another really odd incident here in Philadelphia this evening. A man stole a school bus somewhere in the 15th police district. Police say the bus was partially painted green. Philadelphia Police Officers spotted the bus in the 25th district but could not chase it due to a scheduled “peace walk” in the area.


Luckily, PPD Aviation Unit “Tac-Air” was in the area and quickly found the bus speeding through the city. The bus nearly broadsided a K-9 police officer that was in the area of 10th and Norris.

Although no police cruisers were pursuing the bus, it crashed in the area of 13th and Berks on the Temple University campus. The man reportedly was pulling on Temple building doors trying to gain entry. Thankfully he did not succeed. Tac-Air tracked the offender a few blocks away hiding in some bushes/trees and police were able to safely make an apprehension.

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