BREAKING: Two Teen Brothers Who Murdered Elderly Philadelphia Man With A Traffic Cone To Turn Themselves In


The Philadelphia District Attorneys Office has announced that two teen brothers, who are accused of murdering 73-year-old James Lambert with a traffic cone, will be turning themselves in today to Philadelphia Police. The boys are seen in a gruesome video, approaching the elderly man at 2:30am in the morning and striking him in the head multiple times with a traffic cone they found in the road. Even after Lambert lay on the ground motionless, the group of up to 7 children struck Lambert again with the traffic cones in the head and left him on the street to die. James Lambert Jr was taken to Temple University Hospital where he succumbed to severe blunt force trauma to the head.

The murder occurred on June 25th and police released the video to the public after almost two weeks of the teens not being identified. After the video was released, police received enough tips to identify just two of the kids involved. As of today, police still admit that they have yet to identify the other offenders.

The case is now up to Larry Krasners District Attorneys office to decide how these children are charged. Will they be charged with murder? Will James Lambert and his family ever see justice for his gruesome murder? Stay tuned with as we stay on top of this case.

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