Bensalem Police Seize $1 Million Dollars Worth of Drugs

Bensalem Police in Bucks County announced today that they seized over a millions dollars worth of drugs and cash today with the arrest of four individuals. The operation occurred on Wednesday June 8th with Bensalem Police Department partnering with the Philadelphia DEA HIDTA Task force. It all went down on the 3300 block of Street Road.

Officials say that Ramon Caro, 19 years old; Arturo Avila , 37 years old; Anthony Gonzales, 26 years old and Alex Zaragoza, 22 years old, were found in possession of approximately 40,000 fentanyl pills, 11 pounds of methamphetamine and $5,000.00 cash. Authorities say this is worth over a million dollars on the street. The four offenders came all the way from Riverside, California to deliver thousands of potentially deadly doses of fentanyl to a community struggling with the opioid epidemic.

Ramon “Thug Life” Caro

All four of the above named individuals were arraigned and held without bail by District Justice Daniel Baronowski. The case will be prosecuted by the Bucks County District Attorneys Office.

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