Authorities Identify 2 Police Officers Shot During Fireworks Show in Philadelphia

Authorities have identified the 2 police officers who were shot last night in Philadelphia on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The Montgomery County Sheriffs Department announced that Deputy John Foster was shot and sustained a graze wound to his right shoulder last night. He was treated at Jefferson Hospital and released withing a couple hours.


The second police officer was Philadelphia Police Officer Sergio Diggs, assigned to the Highway Patrol Unit. Officer Diggs sustained a graze gunshot wound to his head. He was also treated at Jefferson Hospital and released just a few hours later.

Police investigators in Philadelphia have still not released any information on a potential shooter. Police Commissioner Outlaw and other city officials held a very brief press conference lat night outside of Jefferson Hospital. Commissioner Outlaw said that there have been no arrests but that police are following up on leads. She also said that the police officers who were shot did not see a shooter and that investigators are trying to determine whether or not these officers were struck by “celebratory gunfire”.

Shortly after Officer Diggs was placed into stable condition at Jefferson Hospital, Frateral Order of Police President John McNesby shared of a photo of Officer Diggs’ patrol cap which depicted a bullet lodged into the cap.


As the investigation continues, will keep you informed. Check back for updates.

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